What is Reseller Hosting?

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Reseller Hosting is a web hosting solution in which an administrator is given access to certain server resources and can create shared hosting accounts. Freelancers and agencies commonly use reseller hosting to provide a dependable, affordable service to their clients. It allows agencies and freelancers to earn recurring money by hosting, maintaining, and providing turn-key solutions to their clients while also providing world-class infrastructure and technical knowledge.

For a predetermined charge, reseller hosting is typically used to host well-known client websites. A Reseller Hosting account allows the user to define what types of websites will be hosted on the account, allowing them to determine exactly what each site requires. In a perfect world, the reseller would have extensive control over the account’s webpages. They’ll be able to control fees, traffic, and resource usage.

You may pay a predetermined fee for such resources if you know how many visitors your website receives and how efficient it is. Customers may be billed again for exceptionally valuable adds.

If an agency has ten local business clients, each of which receives 500 monthly visitors, it can easily install them all on a Rs 99/mo reseller account with a reputable hosting company. For hosting, light tech support, and WordPress upgrades, the hosting business may charge Rs 150 per month. The agency makes a profit of Rs 5000 every month. Furthermore, each client is charged fairly. You can see how this could scale if you charge more, provide more value, or balance the account with more websites.

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